Washington Intervention

Washington Intervention

washington interventionDrug addiction is a family problem. Not only addicted family members affected by the abused substance but so also are family members. When the family has finally had enough of watching someone they love battle addiction the time for a Washington Intervention has come.

According to a nationally conducted study, which evaluated drug use and health patterns across the United States, In 2007-2008, Washington was one of the top ten states for rates in several drug-use categories among persons over the age of 12. These categories include past-month illicit drug use, past-month marijuana use and past-year non-medical misuse of pain medication. {whitehouse.gov} Additionally, The rate of drug-induced deaths in Washington is higher than the national average. {whitehouse.gov} With so many Washington residents abusing drugs the toll is very high.

When we think of addiction we often think of a personal battle. Someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol walks a lonely path of drug seeking, addiction and health issues. The reality of addiction is that more people are being affected by addiction that any statistic can show. When someone you love is facing a struggle like addiction, the affect can be very strong. One of the most difficult part that family members report is how helpless they feel to help the loved one living with an addiction. They try time and time again to get them treatment but often fall short.

What an unfortunate number of families do not realize is convincing the addicted family that they need treatment is not something they have to do alone. Most families realize that they can get various forms of help once they get their loved one into treatment. What most families do not realize is that there is help for the first step as well.

An intervention is a process where a professional therapist comes to your home and works with your family to persuade your loved one that they need help. The Interventionist will walk you through the whole process and will work with you to shows your loved one how much they need help. Having the help of a professional can make a bug difference in getting real help for your loved one.

Addiction is one of the leading issues facing Washington families. Thankfully so family should have to fight the battle against addiction alone. When you are ready to find help for your loved one and your family, it is time for a Washington Intervention.

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