Crack Intervention

Crack Intervention

crack intervention in washingtonThe use of crack cocaine has ebbed and flowed over the past twenty years. Despite these fluctuations crack abuse is still alive and well throughout the United States, including the state of Washington. For families who are tired of living with the daily impact of crack cocaine the time for a crack intervention in Washington has come.


Crack is a freebase form of the drug cocaine. It is cheap to manufacture and easy to distribute. Because of this combination, it is a drug that is widely used. Crack is most commonly inhaled via smoking the drug. It creates a short-term, intense high for the user. It is also reported that users feel disinhibited when they are using crack. In addition to the feeling of being high, crack users also report a host of negative symptoms. These include paranoia, restlessness, difficulty sleeping, difficulty concentrating and many others. Long-term use can create more serious and dangerous side affects like organ failure, cardiac events, cancer and other life threatening issues.

How prevalent are drugs in Washington?

In 2007 The National Survey on Drug Use and Health was conducted across the United States. The data was evaluated on a national level as well as on a state-by-state basis. This way comparisons can be made for states throughout the nation. What this survey showed was that Washington ranked among the top ten states in an unfortunate number of drug abuse categories. From 2007-2008, approximately 10 percent of Washington residents, over the age of 12, reported using an illicit drug in the past month. In addition, the rate of drug-induced deaths was higher in Washington than the national average. {}

With so much drug use across the state what do these numbers really mean? It means that a staggering number of families are living with the impact of drug abuse and addiction. It also means that too many lives are being ruined because of drugs like crack cocaine.

How can families deal with this drug throughout the state?

The most important way that families can battle back against the addiction of a loved one is finding the right help. Finding the best resources to help your loved one significantly improves the chances of success. It is obvious that crack intervention in Washington is not only possible but also plentiful. Options are all over the state and ready to help your family right away.

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