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Marijuana Intervention in Washington

marijuana intervention in washingtonThe ease in which marijuana can be acquired in Washington has led to an upshot in abuse of this medicinal herb. While there are many legitimate reasons for its use as a helpful aid in treating illness and pain, it can be misused to a great degree. Marijuana intervention in Washington is on the rise and there are several things that you might wish to learn.

It is not the place of a drug interventionist to judge people for their recreational or medicinal choices. It is their duty to help those who have developed abusive life habits to find peace and free themselves from their addictions. This is accomplished through a versatile process known as intervention.

Intervention proceedings allow your loved one to find themselves surrounded by love and hope. A support network will be built that can provide them with the structure that they need to remove marijuana from their life altogether.

It is important to realize that even if marijuana has medicinal properties, no drug is good in overabundance. If marijuana ceases to be helpful in curtailing medical issues and actively contributes to a destructive or self-defeating lifestyle then your loved one will definitely need help. If your loved one has no medical issues, and yet they use marijuana in a recreational manner, it will be even more vital to convince them to stop using it.

The actions of an interventionist are manifold. The simplest, but most necessary, tasks that they perform include the gathering of a support network for your loved one. This gathering includes friends and family members who actively want to help them through their addiction. It is important that no judgmental or enabling individuals are brought into the situation unless they can rein in their actions and words. Enablers are by far the least desired attendees. The last thing your loved one needs is someone telling them that, “Hey man, a little weed is ok. You just gotta cut back.” That completely defeats the purpose of the process as it is designed to remove marijuana from their life altogether.

A marijuana intervention in Washington will begin with the gathering, and move into a day of love and sharing. The first day is about communicating feelings and deep sentiment without judgment. This shows your loved one that you care. If the next step is needed, the following day is a day of exploration of options and a process of developing your loved one’s sense of hope for becoming free of their addiction. The third step, which is rarely necessary in most cases, is the tough love step. This is an aggressive and harsh step, but may be necessary if your loved one is considered a danger to themselves or others.

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