Bellevue Interventionist

Bellevue Interventionist
bellevue interventionist

An addict doesn’t simply get better, recover and move on with life. The painful truth is more complicated. Someone caught up in addiction will not only continue down this destructive path, but the dependence will tighten, trapping the helpless addict in a never-ending struggle. When that addicted someone is a family member, a loved one cared for by siblings and parents, this refusal to see the truth could end in the horrors of overdose or long-term incarceration. It doesn’t matter if the relative is a law-abiding citizen, not when substance abuse can completely transform the personality of even the strongest mind.

Stop ignoring the problem, placing blame on others or placing unrealistic hope on a miraculous cure. The only response of worth is one of action. Employ both the power of an intervention and a qualified interventionist to end the cravings and restore control to the loved one by sending him or her into a rehab center. The process will likely be long and painful, with moments of hopelessness eased by therapists, and withdrawal symptoms endured with the support of family, but lasting recovery can be achieved.

Planning and Organizing

Aided by the services of an individual who has coordinated many such confrontations, new momentum and focus enters the group of concerned friends and family. Management skills split tasks into manageable chunks, assigning them as missions to individuals and small groups within the main group. The planning is supported by a structured model of intervention, one that is tailored to the temperament of both the group and the addicted loved one. There’s a hive of activity, of discussion to compare and adapt statements demanding change.

Always temper the demands for change with love and compassion, assuring the addicted relative or close friend that the group is there to help not attack. Open by saying how important the loved one is to everyone there, but build on the momentum with important statistics, such as the state of Washington’s 1,000 drug-related deaths in one year ( A Bellevue Interventionist aims not only for treatment at this moment but for accountability, the loved one accepting responsibility for loss of control, and wanting to enter treatment. Take the relative to that treatment center that very day if possible, and offer family strength through the tough recovery process that lays ahead.

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